About us

Online Solar was founded by a group of Solar Industry veterans who were tired of the way solar energy systems have been marketed, sold and delivered. It is no mystery that there are a lot of wastes and needless costs that go into delivering solar energy systems. Soft costs attributed to marketing and sales can equal almost 40% of the total solar system cost! The founders of Online Solar set out to practice in a different way and remove virtually all of this needless cost while delivering maximum value to the customer.

Why Us

Online Solar is the only place where a homeowner can relax and enjoy a no-pressure sales environment with flat rate prices that do not vary based on unethical sales tactics. The Online Solar process is designed for ease and efficiency in delivering a fixed price solar energy and storage system with industry-leading warranties. Online Solar uses only the highest certified Renewable Energy Companies that carry active licenses in Electrical Trades, Roofing, Solar and General construction. Solar and Storage systems should only be designed and installed by highly skilled engineers and craftsmen. The truth is that very few meet the standards upheld by Online Solar and we believe our customers deserve only the best from the best. This is why we are committed to continually improving our business practices, while focusing on our customers' wants and needs. We look forward to meeting you soon and delivering your solar and energy storage system!

Today, there are more solar companies than ever. More than 60% are illegitimate and it's questionable if they are even licensed to do the work properly. One of the single most dubious practices is the method in which solar energy systems are sold. There is a predominant trend where a sales company starts binding customers in sales contracts only to take that contract and resell it to an unqualified subcontractor for the lowest price! This is where some of the biggest price gouging occurs and all at the expense of the quality and integrity of a homeowner's solar system. This method is known as EPC selling within the industry. It is practiced everywhere and there are countless victims. The internet is replete with scathing online reviews that detail the horrors of this practice. It sounds unreal but it is still how the majority of residential solar systems are sold.

This is where Online Solar comes in to save the day by ridding the nation of these dishonest techniques.

The Founders

Online Solar