Solar for farms

Agricultural Solar

There are thousands of Americans who own land that is not currently being utilized for electricity generation. Farms, orchards, and other agricultural properties are perfect locations for solar power plants, saving owners money as well as adding revenue streams with self-generated energy.

Typically, farms have an inherent makeup for terrific solar sites. Large areas of land or roofs with a lot of square footage make great homes for solar power systems, leading to a substantial offset of the high costs of daily power usage. It is important to note, in most circumstances, grants and funding are available through USDA for agricultural solar systems, dramatically reducing the overall cost of the system.

Why Invest in Solar?

  • Cost of Agricultural Solar Panels: The cost of solar panels and installation have dropped significantly over the years. With lower costs for solar installation, the rate of return on investment is much faster than in the past.
  • Constant Increase in Electricity Prices: With the prices of electrical utilities continuing to fluctuate and grow higher, agricultural solar systems can protect you against these increased costs. In future, if you need to increase your power production, you can easily add on to your already installed solar system.
  • Net Metering: Everyday, there is an increased demand for energy, which means it is even easier to set up Net Metering with your local utility company. This can help you earn credit from them, during overproduction periods and then use those same credits when solar production periods are slower.
Agricultural Solar
Sgricultural Solar

Water Pumping

When it comes to implementing solar systems on agricultural properties, water pumping is one of the easiest and most logical applications. Solar-powered water pumping is used for stock watering, crop irrigation, domestic usage, and other water needs. Additionally, these systems are able to assist in water storage for when the sun's not shining.

Online Solar

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